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You can now download PyPI locally
Use the limited C API for some of our stdlib C extensions
PEP 727: Documentation Metadata in Typing
Don't put words in my mouth
PEP 726: Module __setattr__ and __delattr__
The Python Software Foundation has been authorized by the CVE Program as a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA)
Add safe .get method to List
C++ "include" behavior instead of "from" and "import"
Python Packaging Summit at PyCon 2023: Notes and thanks!
Using tuples in a function
Ability to catch sqlite3 error log
How to handle '\\' as a delimiter in Python strings
How to detect variable symbol without assignment(NameError) before a piece of code run?
How can I detect and crop the rectangular frame in the image?
Mapping list elements to ordinals
New programmer needs help putting a list through a function or for loop
OpenCV2 - Constant video stream, write file 1 minute before and after an event
Mido installation fails
June/July 2023 Steering Council Update
Should sqlite3.Row be more dict-like?
What to do with re.LOCALE?
Request for review: pathlib._PathBase
What is ... meaning in python
Replacements for PyMapping_HasKey(), PyMapping_HasKeyString(), PyObject_HasAttr(), and PyObject_HasAttrString()
Is this a bug or a feature?
Have new project description for a soon-to-be-not-on-PyPI project?
Can some one explain to me this code
Help me with this Function bug (I am an early beginner)
How to download an https:// URL in Windows 10?
Cannot open file 'python311_d.lib'
F-string, maintainability vs pep8
Bytes data being converted to string before reaching to encoding's decode method
Proposal: add a PyByteArray_ResizeExact function
Stop auto upgrading python version
Adding else option to with clause
Creating specific combinations using multiple lists
Trouble with Conditional Formatting in Excel using Python
Help building python parser
Update to PEP 692's specification
Can you explain this code for me(type hints)?
Why is the output different from what I thought?
Add to TypedDict new argument for extra keys
Uninstallation command
Subprocess.run interprets the digits 1 and 2 as pipe
The fate of artifacts after a PEP 541 transfer?
Sorry how to force detection of right type
I have a problem getting python tkinter Labels to appear
How could I convert RGB values to LAB values?
Question about Sequence[str]
Learning logging module: INFO message not displayed

Блог PSF

StackOverflow на русском

Популярное на GitHub

facebookresearch/codellama — Inference code for CodeLlama models
Pythagora-io/gpt-pilot — PoC for a scalable dev tool that writes entire apps from scratch while the developer oversees the implementation
embedchain/embedchain — Framework to easily create LLM powered bots over any dataset.
facefusion/facefusion — Next generation face swapper and enhancer
nlpxucan/WizardLM — Family of instruction-following LLMs powered by Evol-Instruct: WizardLM, WizardCoder and WizardMath
QwenLM/Qwen-VL — The official repo of Qwen-VL (通义千问-VL) chat & pretrained large vision language model proposed by Alibaba Cloud.
spcl/graph-of-thoughts — Official Implementation of "Graph of Thoughts: Solving Elaborate Problems with Large Language Models"
TheAlgorithms/Python — All Algorithms implemented in Python
ludwig-ai/ludwig — Low-code framework for building custom LLMs, neural networks, and other AI models
facebookresearch/seamless_communication — Foundational Models for State-of-the-Art Speech and Text Translation
public-apis/public-apis — A collective list of free APIs
continuedev/continue — ⏩ the open-source autopilot for software development—bring the power of ChatGPT to VS Code
Z4nzu/hackingtool — ALL IN ONE Hacking Tool For Hackers
graphdeco-inria/gaussian-splatting — Original reference implementation of "3D Gaussian Splatting for Real-Time Radiance Field Rendering"
neulab/prompt2model — prompt2model - Generate Deployable Models from Natural Language Instructions
zhayujie/chatgpt-on-wechat — Wechat robot based on ChatGPT, which using OpenAI api and itchat library. 使用ChatGPT搭建微信聊天机器人,基于 GPT3.5/GPT4.0/Claude/文心一言/讯飞星火 模型,支持个人微信、公众号、企业微信部署,能处理文本、语音和图片,访问操作系统和互联网,支持基于知识库定制专属机器人。
521xueweihan/HelloGitHub — 分享 GitHub 上有趣、入门级的开源项目。Share interesting, entry-level open source projects on GitHub.
SkalskiP/courses — This repository is a curated collection of links to various courses and resources about Artificial Intelligence (AI)
hiroi-sora/Umi-OCR — OCR图片转文字识别软件,完全离线。截屏/批量导入图片,支持多国语言、合并段落、竖排文字。可排除水印区域,提取干净的文本。基于 PaddleOCR 。
mouredev/Hello-Python — Curso para aprender el lenguaje de programación Python desde cero y para principiantes. Más de 30 clases, 25 horas en vídeo, código y grupo de chat. Desde sus fundamentos hasta la creación de un API Backend con base de datos y más...
DLLXW/baby-llama2-chinese — 用于从头预训练+SFT一个小参数量的中文LLaMa2的仓库;24G单卡即可运行得到一个具备简单中文问答能力的chat-llama2.
kovidgoyal/calibre — The official source code repository for the calibre ebook manager
ddbourgin/numpy-ml — Machine learning, in numpy
haoheliu/AudioLDM2 — Text-to-Audio/Music Generation
dgtlmoon/changedetection.io — The best and simplest free open source website change detection, restock monitor and notification service. Restock Monitor, change detection. Designed for simplicity - Simply monitor which websites had a text change for free. Free Open source web page change detection, Website defacement monitoring, Price change and Price Drop notification

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