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05 July 2021 года, 07:00 — 10 July 07:00
Место: Online
Тип: Конференция
Специализация: В основном Python
Страница в сети: https://indico.cern.ch/e/PyHEP2021

The PyHEP workshops are a series of workshops initiated and supported by the HEP Software Foundation (HSF) with the aim to provide an environment to discuss and promote the usage of Python in the HEP community at large. Further information is given on the PyHEP Working Group website. PyHEP 2021 will be a virtual workshop. It will be a forum for the participants and the community at large to discuss developments of Python packages and tools, exchange experiences, and inform the future evolution of community activities. There will be ample time for discussion. The agenda is composed of plenary sessions: 1) Hands-on tutorials. 2) Topical sessions. 3) Keynote presentations. 4) Presentations following up from topics discussed at PyHEP 2020.   Registration is open until July 2nd. There will be no workshop fees.   You are encouraged to register to the PyHEP WG Gitter channel and/or to the HSF forum to receive further information concerning the organisation of the workshop. Workshop updates and information will also be shared on the workshop Twitter in addition to email. Follow the workshop @PyHEPConf and #PyHEP2021.   Organising Committee Eduardo Rodrigues — University of Liverpool (Chair) Ben Krikler — University of Bristol (Co-chair) Jim Pivarski — Princeton University (Co-chair) Matthew Feickert — University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Oksana Shadura - University of Nebraska-Lincoln Philip Grace - The University of Adelaide   Sponsors The event is kindly sponsored by

PyHEP 2021


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