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Clarifying the float/int/complex special case
Publish Linux installer on python.org
PEP 778: Supporting Symlinks in Wheels
macOS version support policy
Add pinned post in ideas
Vote to promote Russell Keith-Magee
Controlling mutability with static types
YAML module, or pyyaml in the stdlib
How to reinvent the wheel
Structural subtyping, EAFP, and exceptions which inform structure
Add option to pre define size of list
Preventing unwanted attempts to build sdists
PEP 508: support dependencies in environment markers
PEP 746: TypedMetadata for type checking of PEP 593 Annotated
General way to print floats without the .0 part
Special suffixes for compiled files for Mac arm64 (M1) and intel x86_x64
Having this error can someone help please
Baffled about instance attributes, please explain
Why python in Debian Docker image is faster than official Docker's python image?
Python Flask Project migration from python3.6.8 to python 3.12.3
Can't work out what's wrong with my 'if' statement
Help with if and else coding
Debug Module in Python 3.x
Delaying 3.13.0b2 by a week
How do I change some values obtained from the list to the values I want with a smart way?
Vote to promote Tian Gao
PyCon US Packaging Summit: PSF Offers help in setting up a better governance
PEP 649: Behavior of the REPL
C API Working Group vacancy
Finishing the Great Renaming
Call for Typing Council nominations
Rules for force pushing
Streamline "What's New" by moving deprecations and removals out of News?
Server-oriented task scope design
ImportError: urllib3 v2.0 only supports OpenSSL 1.1.1+
Requesting a review for gh-103134: Update multiprocessing.managers.ListProxy and multiprocessing.managers.DictProxy
Help with adding security features in a Flask REST API
Devcontainer support
Why do set and frozenset implement __reduce__?
Portable entry points
Hash of a code object
How to publish several versions of Pypi release for several versions of Python
Optimization problem
1. AttrDict and 2. argparse.Namespace performance
Problem of prime number counter
Python import unittest Error
Need to create a new variable based on 2 others
[Newbie] My code stop working without errors (Resolved)
IDLE in 3.12.3 fonts too small
Is Provides-Extra necessary for 'doc' and 'test' extras?

Популярное на GitHub

danielmiessler/fabric — fabric is an open-source framework for augmenting humans using AI. It provides a modular framework for solving specific problems using a crowdsourced set of AI prompts that can be used anywhere.
Tencent/HunyuanDiT — Hunyuan-DiT : A Powerful Multi-Resolution Diffusion Transformer with Fine-Grained Chinese Understanding
abi/screenshot-to-code — Drop in a screenshot and convert it to clean code (HTML/Tailwind/React/Vue)
weaviate/Verba — Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) chatbot powered by Weaviate
khoj-ai/khoj — Your AI second brain. A copilot to get answers to your questions, whether they be from your own notes or from the internet. Use powerful, online (e.g gpt4) or private, local (e.g llama3) LLMs. Self-host locally or use our cloud instance. Access from Obsidian, Emacs, Desktop app, Web or Whatsapp.
truefoundry/cognita — RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) Framework for building modular, open source applications for production by TrueFoundry
OpenGVLab/InternVL — [CVPR 2024 Oral] InternVL Family: A Pioneering Open-Source Alternative to GPT-4V. 接近GPT-4V表现的可商用开源多模态对话模型
karpathy/minbpe — Minimal, clean code for the Byte Pair Encoding (BPE) algorithm commonly used in LLM tokenization.
assafelovic/gpt-researcher — GPT based autonomous agent that does online comprehensive research on any given topic
microsoft/UFO — A UI-Focused Agent for Windows OS Interaction.
openai/openai-python — The official Python library for the OpenAI API
openai/whisper — Robust Speech Recognition via Large-Scale Weak Supervision
iam-veeramalla/aws-devops-zero-to-hero — AWS zero to hero repo for devops engineers to learn AWS in 30 Days. This repo includes projects, presentations, interview questions and real time examples.
langchain-ai/langchain — 🦜🔗 Build context-aware reasoning applications
pydantic/pydantic — Data validation using Python type hints
VRSEN/agency-swarm — An opensource agent orchestration framework built on top of the latest OpenAI Assistants API.
swisskyrepo/PayloadsAllTheThings — A list of useful payloads and bypass for Web Application Security and Pentest/CTF
pytorch/pytorch — Tensors and Dynamic neural networks in Python with strong GPU acceleration
barry-far/V2ray-Configs — 🛰️✨ Free V2ray Configs , Updating Every 10 minutes.
chengaopan/AutoMergePublicNodes — 自动抓取合并互联网上的公开节点。 🚀 免费节点,🚀免费节点订阅,🚀v2ray免费节点,ssr免费节点订阅,clash免费节点订阅,免费梯子,免费翻墙,免费科学上网,免费ss/v2ray/trojan/clash节点,谷歌商店,翻墙梯子
wilsonfreitas/awesome-quant — A curated list of insanely awesome libraries, packages and resources for Quants (Quantitative Finance)
triton-inference-server/server — The Triton Inference Server provides an optimized cloud and edge inferencing solution.

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