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Python 3.10.14, 3.9.19, and 3.8.19 is now available!
Draft PEP: Sealed decorator for static typing
Respecting Core Metadata 2.2 when building from source distributions
Make super() work in a class definition
PySimpleGUI now requires a (paid) license. Opinions?
Make os.path a real module
Should packaging understand platforms?
Improve the accuracy of output from inspect.getsource for expression-based code objects
Announcing a PyPI Support Specialist!
WarningMessage is undocumented
Create a new pickle protocol version to add skipcode
I wish to know the RAW data about the relative imports "issue"
How long will Python be around?
UnboundLocalError: cannot access local variable 'insert_query' where it is not associated with a value
Json.loads only returns names but not the values
How to install WinPdb on a windows system
Is the sys recursion limit now bad/obsolete?
Circle is not defined
Windows thinks I have a "newer installation of python" and wont let me install python
Can asyncio.Queue be safely created outside of the event loop thread?
Obtaining IP Address using socket wrapped in class object
Inconsistency in pattern matching involving fractions.Fraction objects
OSError occurs in Linux
Press any key to continue....**In Console Escape from if statement
Create dedicated blurb repo
PyPI Malware Observation Report Outcomes - Private Preview
Overlinking in dataclass() doc
Syntactic sugar for union cases in match statements
Python GUI library experiences
Status of PyLong_FromPid() and PyLong_AsPid()
Function Call from different source has different response
Treating symlinks consistently in pathlib.Path.glob()
Should I expect all 3.8-3.10 tests to pass on M1 Mac?
Problem with the numpy module
Is asyncio.to_thread always threadsafe?
Inline-Assembly for Python
How to create a csv file from text
RabbitMQ -> Flask -> Websockets?
Errrors messages all the time
Which way can i see into python function
About issubclass error message/behaviour
On The Topic of Slots
How to use Python multiprocessing in a function script (module)?
Troubleshooting the import of matplotlib in Jupyter Notebooks
Unexpected result when creating a dictionary with lists as values
Python requests module with json data some fields are binary date
How to test Python regex replace on regex101.com?
Hashable data types
Python code to set internet web page as a windows desktop wall paper
Python 3.11 interperter crash on Windows 11

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Pythagora-io/gpt-pilot — The first real AI developer
Skyvern-AI/skyvern — Automate browser-based workflows with LLMs and Computer Vision
OpenInterpreter/open-interpreter — A natural language interface for computers
zylon-ai/private-gpt — Interact with your documents using the power of GPT, 100% privately, no data leaks
Doubiiu/DynamiCrafter — DynamiCrafter: Animating Open-domain Images with Video Diffusion Priors
lavague-ai/LaVague — Automate automation with Large Action Model framework
tinygrad/tinygrad — You like pytorch? You like micrograd? You love tinygrad! ❤️
zyddnys/manga-image-translator — Translate manga/image 一键翻译各类图片内文字 https://cotrans.touhou.ai/
roboflow/supervision — We write your reusable computer vision tools. 💜
BerriAI/litellm — Call all LLM APIs using the OpenAI format. Use Bedrock, Azure, OpenAI, Cohere, Anthropic, Ollama, Sagemaker, HuggingFace, Replicate (100+ LLMs)
stas00/ml-engineering — Machine Learning Engineering Open Book
mealie-recipes/mealie — Mealie is a self hosted recipe manager and meal planner with a RestAPI backend and a reactive frontend application built in Vue for a pleasant user experience for the whole family. Easily add recipes into your database by providing the url and mealie will automatically import the relevant data or add a family recipe with the UI editor
ShishirPatil/gorilla — Gorilla: An API store for LLMs
princeton-nlp/SWE-bench — [ICLR 2024] SWE-Bench: Can Language Models Resolve Real-world Github Issues?
Stability-AI/generative-models — Generative Models by Stability AI
kijai/ComfyUI-SUPIR — SUPIR upscaling wrapper for ComfyUI
facefusion/facefusion — Next generation face swapper and enhancer
replicate/cog — Containers for machine learning
mikel-brostrom/yolo_tracking — BoxMOT: pluggable SOTA tracking modules for segmentation, object detection and pose estimation models


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