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Thanks for improved discourse landing and some shoutouts
Deprecate PEP 249 (DB-API 2.0)
Announcement: PyApp 0.15.0
A high-performance solution to the "are all elements of an iterable equal" problem
Treatment of Final attributes in dataclass-likes
Workflow bot changes?
Command Promts (>>>) Disappearing in IDLE
Possible modification to ClassVar
Converting decimal to byte (little endian): what's wrong with 205?
Download stock datas
Type placeholders
Difference Between Composition and Delegation
Pip is not on the latest python downloadable
Does python have some tools to check the compatibility of python code
Simplifying two-phase coroutines for enhanced user-friendliness
Not Able to find 'item' in a text file (Array)
Problem with the data receiving
Python Language Summit at PyCon US 2024 in Pittsburgh
:sparkles: Pycon US 2024 - Maintainers Summit - 17 May 2024
Documentation community meeting: Tuesday, 5th March 2024
Feedback on type checker error messages
Docstrings for dunder methods
Manylinux 2014 EOL?
How to make alias "q" to quit python shell
Freeze.py is very hard to use
Static-only frozen data classes (or other ways to avoid runtime overhead)
Request for review: gh-113804: Support formatting floats in hexadecimal notation
Documented features and implementation details around __signature__
Type hints for kwarg overrides
Convenient way to mark any variable
Unicode Symbols in identifiers (again) to support readable logical assertions
yield from in async functions
Can we have a .delete() for dictionary please
Unable to compile Python3.12 on macOS 14.3.1
Learning by building - Have any of you done this, and at what point?
” Metadata generation failed” . I keep getting this message as i try to install pyqt6_tools. I need help please
Pip suddenly giving permission denied error in virtual environments
Duplicated code in enum.py for EnumCheck UNIQUE and unique decorator
Typing: NotRequired-like for potentially-absent class attributes?
Atom-like Enums in Python
Getkey issue / error initializing
Suppression of exceptions within context managers vs variable definitions
Does ufunc functions operate on only ndarray objects
Using TypeVarTuple to describe Tuple of generic objects
Where to place custom module?
Errors when running tiktok-hashtag-analysis by bellingcat
How to write XLSX Excel file row by row?
Good way to find memory used by a python program?
Help understand code, beginner
EXE file created by window 11 64bit works in, but does not open in 32 bit window 7 and show error

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Популярное на GitHub

WongKinYiu/yolov9 — Implementation of paper - YOLOv9: Learning What You Want to Learn Using Programmable Gradient Information
vvbbnn00/WARP-Clash-API — 该项目可以让你通过订阅的方式使用Cloudflare WARP+,自动获取流量。This project enables you to use Cloudflare WARP+ through subscription, automatically acquiring traffic.
google/gemma_pytorch — The official PyTorch implementation of Google's Gemma models
public-apis/public-apis — A collective list of free APIs
levihsu/OOTDiffusion — Official implementation of OOTDiffusion: Outfitting Fusion based Latent Diffusion for Controllable Virtual Try-on
dataelement/bisheng — Bisheng is an open LLM devops platform for next generation AI applications.
guoyww/AnimateDiff — Official implementation of AnimateDiff.
FujiwaraChoki/MoneyPrinterV2 — Automate the process of making money online.
mouredev/Hello-Python — Curso para aprender el lenguaje de programación Python desde cero y para principiantes. 75 clases, 37 horas en vídeo, código, proyectos y grupo de chat. Fundamentos, frontend, backend, testing, IA...
KillianLucas/open-interpreter — A natural language interface for computers
Azure/PyRIT — The Python Risk Identification Tool for generative AI (PyRIT) is an open access automation framework to empower security professionals and machine learning engineers to proactively find risks in their generative AI systems.
freqtrade/freqtrade — Free, open source crypto trading bot
Avaiga/taipy — Turns Data and AI algorithms into production-ready web applications in no time.
huggingface/diffusers — 🤗 Diffusers: State-of-the-art diffusion models for image and audio generation in PyTorch
run-llama/llama_parse — Parse files for optimal RAG
Stability-AI/generative-models — Generative Models by Stability AI
binary-husky/gpt_academic — 为GPT/GLM等LLM大语言模型提供实用化交互接口,特别优化论文阅读/润色/写作体验,模块化设计,支持自定义快捷按钮&函数插件,支持Python和C++等项目剖析&自译解功能,PDF/LaTex论文翻译&总结功能,支持并行问询多种LLM模型,支持chatglm3等本地模型。接入通义千问, deepseekcoder, 讯飞星火, 文心一言, llama2, rwkv, claude2, moss等。
jianchang512/pyvideotrans — Translate the video from one language to another and add dubbing. 将视频从一种语言翻译为另一种语言,并添加配音
VikParuchuri/marker — Convert PDF to markdown quickly with high accuracy
eosphoros-ai/DB-GPT — AI Native Data App Development framework with AWEL(Agentic Workflow Expression Language) and Agents
joaomdmoura/crewAI — Framework for orchestrating role-playing, autonomous AI agents. By fostering collaborative intelligence, CrewAI empowers agents to work together seamlessly, tackling complex tasks.
521xueweihan/HelloGitHub — 分享 GitHub 上有趣、入门级的开源项目。Share interesting, entry-level open source projects on GitHub.


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