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Uv - another Rust tool written to replace Pip
How to address formerly unknown incompatibilities
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Beginner Confusion
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Python 3.13 alpha 4
Common Sring - creation family names from product names
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CPython "financials"
Pathway to requiring OpenSSL 3 or newer in CPython?
Definition/meaning of "bedevere" and "miss-islington"?
Pyvo -- Python meetups in Czech Republic
Clarification on PEP 734 subinterpreters with embedded C API
Python events in Finland
Add startswith and friends as methods on memoryview
Free recommended code sharing sites?
PEP 8: docstring question
Pyinstaller exe doesn't work
Typing spec: The @typing.type_check_only decorator
PEP 675 – Arbitrary Literal String Type
Status or funding for Metadata 2.2 in PyPI
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Searching and removing events from heapq (heap queue) based on marker/identifier
Variadic typing for kwargs, namedtuple
Add a sorted multiset feature like cpp which will help to coding community
Codec request: x-microsoft-437
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Dictionary in Format String Syntax versus f-string
I cant fix these errors. Can anybody help me?:)
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Make asyncio done callbacks consistent between Futures and Tasks
Broken styles on docs.python.org
API for weather forecast data gathering
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Error return function
How to use heterogeneous list in foreign languages?
I am unable to see the figure. kindly help me out
Failed to build libewf-python
Rename the files using the folder name and copy, move to new directory.
A possible code bug about WIN32 macro
How does Python 3.12 handle extended ASCII letters?

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FujiwaraChoki/MoneyPrinter — Automate Creation of YouTube Shorts using MoviePy.
metavoiceio/metavoice-src — Foundational model for human-like, expressive TTS
phidatahq/phidata — Build AI Assistants using function calling
psf/black — The uncompromising Python code formatter
llmware-ai/llmware — Providing enterprise-grade LLM-based development framework, tools, and fine-tuned models.
danswer-ai/danswer — Ask Questions in natural language and get Answers backed by private sources. Connects to tools like Slack, GitHub, Confluence, etc.
facefusion/facefusion — Next generation face swapper and enhancer
dbt-labs/dbt-core — dbt enables data analysts and engineers to transform their data using the same practices that software engineers use to build applications.
python-poetry/poetry — Python packaging and dependency management made easy
rougier/numpy-100 — 100 numpy exercises (with solutions)
cbh123/narrator — David Attenborough narrates your life
frappe/erpnext — Free and Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
mit-han-lab/efficientvit — EfficientViT is a new family of vision models for efficient high-resolution vision.
keras-team/keras — Deep Learning for humans
ndleah/python-mini-project — 🙌 Welcome open-source Python mini-project contributions!
magicbear/palworld-server-toolkit — PalWorld Server Toolkits - For Save file modify, list the players, repair sav file, etc...


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