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Proposed update to PEP-11 on Unsupporting a platform (less draconian measures)
Is it too late to renumber PEP 11?
Should existing threads be used for new tech-support problems?
Enable unraisable exceptions by default for sqlite3 callbacks
Is Annotated compatible with type[T]?
New default/preferred dbm backend
We may need better specification for existing and future refinement types in the type system
Defaultdict: Optionally pass key to default function
Run-time behaviour of TypeAliasType
Bad representation of expressions with "-"
Defaultlist: an optimisation for defaultdict
Find directory without using os.walk or recursion
Numpy is not working
Feature proposal: unittest.mock.NAN
What Are The Differences Between __str__ and __repr__ In Class Methods?
How can someone check their Discourse Trust Level?
How to contact a moderator?
Where is my cached Pip wheel coming from?
[WinError 2]file not found error what is the problem?
Getting the correct file path on case-insensitive systems
Cantor space 2N to function
Totally Stuck With This One
Unusual Error with print command
Vote to promote Sam Gross
Python packaging must be getting better - a datapoint
Hidden posts - can they be viewed by non-moderators?
Status of PEP 649
Closable iterables
Allowing indented code for -c
Space between "return" and string.
An 'actual need' for optional protocol members
Conversion between Python and C integers
Warrick packaging review update
Input function with timeout
Request for review of "gh-81677: basic support for annotations in __text_signature__'s"
Outdated recommendation about scripts in wheel spec?
Syntax highlighting is not defaulting to python
What memory profiler do you recommend?
Build python 3.12.1 with openssl
Inconsistently getting error 1104 while building a clib (CFFI) extension on Windows
Dict update method should support iterables of multi-keys dicts
How to let Pycharm find my own custom modules?
Python / Guido's Gorgeous Lasagna on Exercism
Leading dots in class references – why and why not?
How to start a new session of python with spyder?
Colorama Module Support
Install python with a script or powershell
For ... except ... finally
Memory Leaking in Ubuntu not in Mac
How to implement logging properly?

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RVC-Boss/GPT-SoVITS — 1 min voice data can also be used to train a good TTS model! (few shot voice cloning)
sgl-project/sglang — SGLang is a structured generation language designed for large language models (LLMs). It makes your interaction with models faster and more controllable.
01-ai/Yi — A series of large language models trained from scratch by developers @01-ai
InstantID/InstantID — InstantID : Zero-shot Identity-Preserving Generation in Seconds 🔥
stas00/ml-engineering — Machine Learning Engineering Open Book
scipy/scipy — SciPy library main repository
Codium-ai/AlphaCodium — Official implementation for the paper: "Code Generation with AlphaCodium: From Prompt Engineering to Flow Engineering""
Andre0512/hon — Home Assistant integration for Haier hOn: support for Haier/Candy/Hoover home appliances like washing machines and air conditioners in 19 languages.
collabora/WhisperLive — A nearly-live implementation of OpenAI's Whisper.
public-apis/public-apis — A collective list of free APIs
Avaiga/taipy — Turns Data and AI algorithms into production-ready web applications in no time.
TencentARC/GFPGAN — GFPGAN aims at developing Practical Algorithms for Real-world Face Restoration.
nerfstudio-project/nerfstudio — A collaboration friendly studio for NeRFs
bregman-arie/devops-exercises — Linux, Jenkins, AWS, SRE, Prometheus, Docker, Python, Ansible, Git, Kubernetes, Terraform, OpenStack, SQL, NoSQL, Azure, GCP, DNS, Elastic, Network, Virtualization. DevOps Interview Questions
hustvl/Vim — Vision Mamba: Efficient Visual Representation Learning with Bidirectional State Space Model
ZHO-ZHO-ZHO/ComfyUI-PhotoMaker-ZHO — Unofficial implementation of PhotoMaker for ComfyUI
testerSunshine/12306 — 12306智能刷票,订票
Andre0512/pyhOn — Control hOn devices with python
VikParuchuri/marker — Convert PDF to markdown quickly with high accuracy


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