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PEP 730: Adding iOS as a supported platform
D-string vs str.dedent()
PEP 387: including exception messages in the backward compatibility policy
What should be used to build the CPython of tomorrow?
High memory consumption for non-ascii "Case operations"(like .lower, .upper etc.)?
Bitwise Operator Negation
How to create a registration & user login with hashing?
How To Call Deleter With Decorator
Why bool((i for i in range(0))) is True
Python's sorted(x, key=functools.cmp_to_key(locale.strcoll)) comparison on 'æøå' unexpected (norwegian letters)
Incorrect output printed while using random number selection
Python 3.13.0 alpha 1
PEP 731: C API Working Group Charter
Moving up Python 3.13.0a1 (to Friday)
Syntactic sugar to encourage use of named arguments
Identifying packages in need of maintainers
Supporting Per-Interpreter GIL from Rust (PyO3)
Documenting __signature__?
Locale.strcoll doc - doesn't mention problems on Darwin
SPEC 0 trove classifier and Github robot?
Introduce new syntax to create NewType
We're not able to install pyaudio,openai,etc modules in latest version of python .Please help me to resolve this
Why doesn't buffer protocol types have bitwise operators?
append = mylist.append optimization now harmful?
How to check the reference to global variables in function?
C API for coroutines, iterators, generators etc with native implementations
Patch dataclass default_factory bug
Would you like anything from Concurnas?
Using time.sleep() to wait on results of a sub-process
A stupid class() question(s)
Why does __name__ == '__main__' in my subprocess
Killing the python interpreter as a user with no chance for the program to catch
[tkinter] Window lost focus after certain codes
Installing pandas library but could not found in idle shell
Struggling with Class variable and Instances between my modules
Min/max values from a for loop
Support setting the loop_factory in IsolatedAsyncioTestCase
Pip not installing stable_baselines3
Difference between running python codes in visual studio
Beginner, Need help with class assigment on classes
Coding a simple fishing game, logic being ignored (EDITED)
Different value from gc.get_count() VS len(gc.get_objects(gen))
The version of python
Transfer the OWNER of torch_npu to someone else
Decimal k-th root
Datetime behavior on windows and linux
Python project structure
Help with simple exercise, usually do c++ not python
Psycopg2 isnt working in python 3.12.0
Why no image is opened using this function?

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Популярное на GitHub

Pythagora-io/gpt-pilot — Dev tool that writes scalable apps from scratch while the developer oversees the implementation
haotian-liu/LLaVA — [NeurIPS 2023 Oral] Visual Instruction Tuning: LLaVA (Large Language-and-Vision Assistant) built towards multimodal GPT-4 level capabilities.
docker/genai-stack — Langchain + Docker + Neo4j
microsoft/promptflow — Build high-quality LLM apps - from prototyping, testing to production deployment and monitoring.
roboflow/supervision — We write your reusable computer vision tools. 💜
mit-han-lab/streaming-llm — Efficient Streaming Language Models with Attention Sinks
fishaudio/Bert-VITS2 — vits2 backbone with bert
dvlab-research/LongLoRA — Code and documents of LongLoRA and LongAlpaca
public-apis/public-apis — A collective list of free APIs
n0a/telegram-get-remote-ip — Get IP address on other side audio call in Telegram.
binary-husky/gpt_academic — 为ChatGPT/GLM提供实用化交互界面,特别优化论文阅读/润色/写作体验,模块化设计,支持自定义快捷按钮&函数插件,支持Python和C++等项目剖析&自译解功能,PDF/LaTex论文翻译&总结功能,支持并行问询多种LLM模型,支持chatglm2等本地模型。兼容文心一言, moss, llama2, rwkv, claude2, 通义千问, 书生, 讯飞星火等。
jackfrued/Python-100-Days — Python - 100天从新手到大师
OpenBMB/ChatDev — Create Customized Software using Natural Language Idea (through LLM-powered Multi-Agent Collaboration)
FlagAlpha/Llama2-Chinese — Llama中文社区,最好的中文Llama大模型,完全开源可商用
paperless-ngx/paperless-ngx — A community-supported supercharged version of paperless: scan, index and archive all your physical documents
chatchat-space/Langchain-Chatchat — Langchain-Chatchat(原Langchain-ChatGLM)基于 Langchain 与 ChatGLM 等语言模型的本地知识库问答 Langchain-Chatchat (formerly langchain-ChatGLM), local knowledge based LLM (like ChatGLM) QA app with langchain
stas00/ml-engineering — Machine Learning Engineering Guides and Tools
hotshotco/Hotshot-XL — ✨ Hotshot-XL: State-of-the-art AI text-to-GIF model trained to work alongside Stable Diffusion XL
AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui — Stable Diffusion web UI
hiyouga/LLaMA-Factory — Easy-to-use LLM fine-tuning framework (LLaMA-2, BLOOM, Falcon, Baichuan, Qwen, ChatGLM2)
fineanmol/Hacktoberfest2023 — Make your first Pull Request on Hacktoberfest 2023. Don't forget to spread love and if you like give us a ⭐️


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