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Python 3.12.0 (final) is here
Launch-day availability of Python 3.12 in conda-forge
Introducing a Safe Navigation Operator in Python
Change environment variable style
New PyUnicode_EqualToUTF8() function
Proposal: Optional Explicit covariance/contravariance for PEP 695
Standard library support for SIMD
Make Pip detect Pip/Python mismatch
How to find Python executable?
Inbuilt module implementing doubly linked list
Turtle doesn't show window in full format in Linux Fedora
Sorting a dict by its values
Collect python statement results which are not assigned
Vote to promote Adam Turner
Python Socket library TCP client to Node-Red TCP Server Node not working
Class Variable Acting Like An Instance Attribute
New to Python-- help with Tkinter Phonebook GUI
PEP 729: Typing governance process
3.12 branch back open for (bugfixing) business
Status of PEP 703 Making the Global Interpreter Lock Optional in CPython): is it accepted or a draft?
Python 3.11.6 is available
Using unpacking to generalize comprehensions with multiple elements
Automated testing of documentation grammar and links
Untyped dict & walrus type hints
Is there a better option than wheels?
Now that we've promoted generics and type aliases to syntax, why not do the same for enums, structs and abstract classes?
Changes to the release announcement
Help understanding __future__ module description
Decorating functions with a specific signature
PEP 536 should be marked as rejected
Awkward dunders for pow(x, y, z)
Installing Stable diffusion webui : Torch is not able to use GPU
Excel: Comparing two columns and copying the contents matching to the cell of column O in Column A
If statements and while loops
Vintage Computer Display sim
How to make a website that's modern with the ability to implement python code into it
Developing an IDLE File Manager Interface to Supplement the Shell Interface
Could we add multiple dispatch as a core concept without breaking backwards compatibility?
Indentation issues
Source code protection for potential on premise commercial use
Is there a way to convert a variable name 'this' to this?
What the default arguments are?
Local version identifiers for custom builds and transitive dependencies
Issue with attribute "isAlive" [SOLVED]
Trying to scrape and download zipfiles
Iterating through 1 list and by using arguments from another list
Remote end closed connection without response
Beginner And Looking For Freelance job any help
Read excel data and performing calculation
403 Forbidden Error when trying to connect to Sharepoint Graph - Client ID & Secret

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Популярное на GitHub

dreamgaussian/dreamgaussian — Generative Gaussian Splatting for Efficient 3D Content Creation
mistralai/mistral-src — Reference implementation of Mistral AI 7B v0.1 model.
dortania/OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher — Experience macOS just like before
BerriAI/litellm — Call all LLM APIs using the OpenAI format. Use Azure, OpenAI, Cohere, Anthropic, Ollama, VLLM, Sagemaker, HuggingFace, Replicate (100+ LLMs)
openai/openai-python — The official Python library for the OpenAI API
zulip/zulip — Zulip server and web application. Open-source team chat that helps teams stay productive and focused.
mckinsey/vizro — Vizro is a toolkit for creating modular data visualization applications.
arc53/DocsGPT — GPT-powered chat for documentation, chat with your documents
Pennyw0rth/NetExec — The Network Execution Tool
streamlit/streamlit — Streamlit — A faster way to build and share data apps.
aio-libs/aiohttp — Asynchronous HTTP client/server framework for asyncio and Python
apple/ml-stable-diffusion — Stable Diffusion with Core ML on Apple Silicon
mindsdb/mindsdb — MindsDB connects AI models to datasources.
ckan/ckan — CKAN is an open-source DMS (data management system) for powering data hubs and data portals. CKAN makes it easy to publish, share and use data. It powers catalog.data.gov, open.canada.ca/data, data.humdata.org among many other sites.
xtekky/gpt4free — The official gpt4free repository various collection of powerful language models
kedro-org/kedro — Kedro is a toolbox for production-ready data science. It uses software engineering best practices to help you create data engineering and data science pipelines that are reproducible, maintainable, and modular.
m-bain/whisperX — WhisperX: Automatic Speech Recognition with Word-level Timestamps (& Diarization)
microsoft/LMOps — General technology for enabling AI capabilities w/ LLMs and MLLMs
commaai/openpilot — openpilot is an open source driver assistance system. openpilot performs the functions of Automated Lane Centering and Adaptive Cruise Control for 250+ supported car makes and models.
apache/airflow — Apache Airflow - A platform to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows
graphdeco-inria/gaussian-splatting — Original reference implementation of "3D Gaussian Splatting for Real-Time Radiance Field Rendering"
sherlock-project/sherlock — 🔎 Hunt down social media accounts by username across social networks
iam-veeramalla/aws-devops-zero-to-hero — AWS zero to hero repo for devops engineers to learn AWS in 30 Days. This repo includes projects, presentations, interview questions and real time examples.


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