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A Steering Council notice about PEP 703 (Making the Global Interpreter Lock Optional in CPython)
Can we make a SyntaxWarning for if x == 2 or 3:?
Where should the Argument Clinic docs live?
PEP 7xx: Dataclasses - Annotated support for field as metainformation
Str.dedent vs str.removeindent
ssl: changing the default SSLContext.verify_flags?
What To Do About Custom Allocators and the GIL?
Pip versions in the wild
Ability to modify python types by simple class declaration
Import files directly from file location
Ensurepip failing with “Access is denied” error when attempting to read Windows file
Nicer interface for str.translate
Practical applications of string-like bytes methods?
Request to undelete a project
Subtract from a string (str -= x) as shortcut for str.replace(x, "")
Problem with datareader
await asyncio.gather(task) hangs when await task works
C API: My plan to clarify private vs public functions in Python 3.13
Alternative to create slice and tuple of slices with slice.__class_getitem__
Call for Participation: PackagingCon 2023, 26-28 October, Berlin & Online
PyEmpaq 0.4 released
Sketchy and maybe crazy alternative to PEP 722
Documentation community meeting: August 1, 2023
Argparser subcommands function as a feature, not a workaround
How to compile the Python code to executable binary file like Linux C and Golang
Add ability to define literal prefixes in classes
Python Research Bibliography
Variable not working as desired
Can't install or unistall python
PEP draft: Add PyResource callback C API to close resources
More memory usage of script than expected
Json to excel conversion
Using file systems as a package repository
TypeError: cannot use a string pattern on a bytes-like object
Add args and *kwargs in generic_visit and visit_* in ast module
Is this a bug about python's stat module?
Can we still create new small int objects?
Reply to Topic vs. Reply to Last Post
Python Idle won't open on MacBook
Getting requirements to build wheel did not run successfully exit code: 1
Python user name not displayed
Looking for cheap/free place to host a Flask app
Return the maximum number of balanced strings you can obtain.Balanced strings are those that have an equal quantity of 'L' and 'R' characters
When exactly was this bug fixed?
Problem to install Stable Diffusion for the first time
'_ctypes' module is not found in 'sys.builtin_module_names' (win x64 python 3.11.4)
I am Having problem with html parser
A Maven-Inspired Package Manager for Python
Python move all compression and archive related library together with unified API

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PromtEngineer/localGPT — Chat with your documents on your local device using GPT models. No data leaves your device and 100% private.
FlagAlpha/Llama2-Chinese — Llama中文社区,最好的中文Llama大模型,完全开源可商用
RayVentura/ShortGPT — 🚀🎬 ShortGPT - Experimental AI framework for automated short/video content creation.
Stability-AI/generative-models — Generative Models by Stability AI
facebookresearch/llama-recipes — Examples and recipes for Llama 2 model
dabeaz-course/python-mastery — Advanced Python Mastery (course by @dabeaz)
haotian-liu/LLaVA — Large Language-and-Vision Assistant built towards multimodal GPT-4 level capabilities.
shroominic/codeinterpreter-api — Open source implementation of the ChatGPT Code Interpreter 👾
a16z-infra/llama2-chatbot — LLaMA v2 Chatbot
ShishirPatil/gorilla — Gorilla: An API store for LLMs
Melelery/c-binance-futures-quant — low-cost, high-efficiency, easy-to-implement
bregman-arie/devops-exercises — Linux, Jenkins, AWS, SRE, Prometheus, Docker, Python, Ansible, Git, Kubernetes, Terraform, OpenStack, SQL, NoSQL, Azure, GCP, DNS, Elastic, Network, Virtualization. DevOps Interview Questions
lvwerra/trl — Train transformer language models with reinforcement learning.
michael-wzhu/Chinese-LlaMA2 — Repo for adapting Meta LlaMA2 in Chinese! META最新发布的LlaMA2的汉化版! (完全开源可商用)
bigscience-workshop/petals — 🌸 Run large language models at home, BitTorrent-style. Fine-tuning and inference up to 10x faster than offloading
karpathy/nanoGPT — The simplest, fastest repository for training/finetuning medium-sized GPTs.
facebookresearch/co-tracker — CoTracker is a model for tracking any point (pixel) on a video.


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