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PEP 722: Dependency specification for single-file scripts
No way to pin build dependencies
Dataclasses - make use of Annotated
Partial string matches in structural pattern matching
Proposal for date literals of form 1999_01_01
Argparse, type hint
Add a re class to match numerics that are not decimal numbers
Help in Error I keep getting
Make Show Line Numbers Default in IDLE
How to coment out existing block of code?
Permission error when accessing pip.exe in virtual environment (Python 3.10 on Windows)
Setting global variables with multiprocessing.Process
PEP 720: Cross-compiling Python packages
Docs translation platform
Adding Call Context to concurrent.futures.Future
Would anyone use an optional dataclass kw_only __post_init__?
What does ":" do in this line of code?
Announcement: distlib 0.3.7 released on PyPI
Add a module_names attribute to importlib.metadata.Distribution
My email is rejected as spam
Code fails tests on 3.11. But, works on 3.8
Add "AdvancedList" to collections
Questions about ?. syntax
Error importing MutableMapping from collections
Add an optional static type checking function similar to PHP language for python
Please help to correct this script
Python Devs Assemble! Lend A Hand In Sculpting QuAPI, The Next Big Thing In APIs!
NewType diamond inheritance allowed?
Function mkdir in Windows - Always in read-only state
Final review of my code
Loop not ending
Python run issue
Request for a PR review
Python de jure vs CPython de facto?
Find a sequence within a sequence
Python str.translate() changed behaviour
Json_normalize help, not able to normalize in loop
I need help with an indexing error i appreciate any input
Statistics.stdev() does not agree with my own standard deviation calculation
Object.__eq__ description appears wrong for some cases
Time.sleep() in producer-process increase read time in consumer-process
Generating tkinter Labels in a loop
Reading only lines that are needed and not the ones that are not needed
Import questions
query about regex- esterisk meta character
Looking for some help getting started with Python
Confusion with dynamically adding methods in class
How to get full screen window?
Python and Pygame for Ipad
Is there any way to set parameters for the clock module or do I have to use a different one

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Популярное на GitHub

facebookresearch/llama — Inference code for LLaMA models
Dao-AILab/flash-attention — Fast and memory-efficient exact attention
minimaxir/simpleaichat — Python package for easily interfacing with chat apps, with robust features and minimal code complexity.
guillaumekln/faster-whisper — Faster Whisper transcription with CTranslate2
h2oai/h2ogpt — Private Q&A and summarization of documents+images or chat with local GPT, 100% private, Apache 2.0. Supports LLaMa2, llama.cpp, and more. Demo: https://gpt.h2o.ai/
comfyanonymous/ComfyUI — A powerful and modular stable diffusion GUI with a graph/nodes interface.
assafelovic/gpt-researcher — GPT based autonomous agent that does online comprehensive research on any given topic
dsdanielpark/Bard-API — The unofficial python package that returns response of Google Bard through cookie value.
Codium-ai/pr-agent — 🚀CodiumAI PR-Agent: An AI-Powered 🤖 Tool for Automated Pull Request Analysis, Feedback, Suggestions and More! 💻🔍
databricks-academy/large-language-models — Notebooks for Large Language Models (LLMs) Specialization
microsoft/unilm — Large-scale Self-supervised Pre-training Across Tasks, Languages, and Modalities
InternLM/opencompass — OpenCompass is an LLM evaluation platform, supporting a wide range of models (LLaMA, LLaMa2, ChatGLM2, ChatGPT, Claude, etc) over 50+ datasets.
mingrammer/diagrams — 🎨 Diagram as Code for prototyping cloud system architectures
guoyww/AnimateDiff — Official implementation of AnimateDiff.
UX-Decoder/Semantic-SAM — Official implementation of the paper "Semantic-SAM: Segment and Recognize Anything at Any Granularity"
MakiNaruto/Automatic_ticket_purchase — 大麦网抢票脚本
mlc-ai/mlc-llm — Enable everyone to develop, optimize and deploy AI models natively on everyone's devices.
sweepai/sweep — Sweep is an AI junior developer
threestudio-project/threestudio — A unified framework for 3D content generation.
keras-team/keras-core — A multi-backend implementation of the Keras API, with support for TensorFlow, JAX, and PyTorch.
blakeblackshear/frigate — NVR with realtime local object detection for IP cameras
oobabooga/text-generation-webui — A gradio web UI for running Large Language Models like LLaMA, llama.cpp, GPT-J, Pythia, OPT, and GALACTICA.


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