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Please consider delaying, or even rejecting, PEP 695
Postponing 3.12 beta 1 / feature freeze
PEP 703: Making the Global Interpreter Lock Optional (3.12 updates)
Making functions subscriptable at runtime
TOML development has stalled - implications for pyproject.toml and a way forward?
From Bash to Python
Pip complains “your backend does not support editable installs” with latest setuptools...?
How to word a warning about security uses in urllib.parse docs
Two ways of saving output to a file. Which one is better ? and why?
Add a TypeError comment to NotImplemented
Wheel depending on shared library from another wheel
Is there any code to not display the yes/no (UAC - User Account Control) message to run as adm?
New to Python and JSON. I think I'm very close to completion, but keep getting an error with my Keras Tokenizer
Dynamically Creating Column and setting it's value based on values present at other columns
Upcoming Python Distribution & Packaging Roundtable (Tue 9 May)
Quicker way of type hinting Iterable
Requiring compilers' C11 standard mode to build CPython
Request "python" organisation on PyPI
Bug in int('+␣42')?
Modernize and add missing features to pygettext
base in str()
Add clarification for use of ellipsis
Change 'is' operator slightly
BaseExceptionGroup containing CancelledError catched by asyncio.timeout()
Suggest adding the '&&' operator instead of 'and', and the '' operator instead of 'or' in Python
Add a new oop special method or enhance __getattr__ feature to handle the cases where an object does not invoke any attribute or method
Add asyncio monitoring hooks
Add a CookieJar.get_cookie method
API for stack switching: save state / restore state?
Add arg_check_type() to types
NotImplemented in inplace dunders?
Undefined name?
Problems with a code sample from a book
Prettify function parameter default value representation (in pydoc or in inspect.Parameter)
I'm getting an off by one error in my program
Correcting my code
Unable to install scikit-learn
Strange discrepency between local and non-local scope
Error with dependencies
How name resolution works in Python
Complete python newbie question
I really need help with this difficult assignment
Look back on Python
Pyproject.toml build system requires pre-release
Conditional elements/arguments
Share dict of unpickable objects between processes
Annotations using inner field names and values of TypedDicts/dataclass like objects
Where can i find open source projects?
Using email module as a replacement for CGI?
Reading text of an open url using python

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Популярное на GitHub

AIGC-Audio/AudioGPT — AudioGPT: Understanding and Generating Speech, Music, Sound, and Talking Head
GreyDGL/PentestGPT — A GPT-empowered penetration testing tool
xtekky/chatgpt-clone — ChatGPT interface with better UI
NVIDIA/NeMo-Guardrails — NeMo Guardrails is an open-source toolkit for easily adding programmable guardrails to LLM-based conversational systems.
gaomingqi/Track-Anything — Track-Anything is a flexible and interactive tool for video object tracking and segmentation, based on Segment Anything, XMem, and E2FGVI.
farshadz1997/Microsoft-Rewards-bot — A simple bot that uses Selenium to farm Microsoft Rewards written in Python
farizrahman4u/loopgpt — Modular Auto-GPT Framework
pytube/pytube — A lightweight, dependency-free Python library (and command-line utility) for downloading YouTube Videos.
Visualize-ML/Book3_Elements-of-Mathematics — Book_3_《数学要素》 鸢尾花书:从加减乘除到机器学习;上架;欢迎继续纠错,纠错多的同学还会有赠书!
peterw/Chat-with-Github-Repo — This repository contains two Python scripts that demonstrate how to create a chatbot using Streamlit, OpenAI GPT-3.5-turbo, and Activeloop's Deep Lake.
CVI-SZU/Linly — Chinese-LLaMA基础模型;ChatFlow中文对话模型;NLP预训练/指令微调数据集
Josh-XT/Agent-LLM — An Artificial Intelligence Automation Platform. AI Instruction management from various providers, has an adaptive memory, and a versatile plugin system with many commands including web browsing. Supports many AI providers and models and growing support every day.
freedmand/semantra — Multi-tool for semantic search
litanlitudan/skyagi — SkyAGI: Emerging human-behavior simulation capability in LLM
mckaywrigley/repo-chat — Use AI to ask questions about any GitHub repo.
KurtBestor/Hitomi-Downloader — 🍰 Desktop utility to download images/videos/music/text from various websites, and more.
nlpxucan/WizardLM — WizardLM: Empowering Large Pre-Trained Language Models to Follow Complex Instructions
PlayVoice/so-vits-svc-5.0 — Core Engine of Singing Voice Conversion & Singing Voice Clone
karpathy/nanoGPT — The simplest, fastest repository for training/finetuning medium-sized GPTs.

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