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Signatures, a call to action
Should None defaults for optional arguments be discouraged?
Finding a path forward for functools.cached_property
Deprecating the headers wheel data key
Enabling GitHub merge queue
Let int accept scientific notation strings
Two polls on how to revise PEP 649
How to specify extra-index in a pyproject.toml for pip and pip-tools?
Translate in the bytecode 1e23 into 1 followed by 23 zeros
New Section: Brainstorming
Python module conflict discussion
An interesting pytype experiment, and a possible extension to strings
Proposal: Add utilities to more easily manipulate sys.path
How can I solve this python challenge? Please help
Bug! Problem in integer datatype
1e23 != 10 ** 23 now. Possible solution: PyFloatLongObject
Add a #define UNSTABLE_ABI for tools and extensions like Cython and Numpy
Encrypt/Decrypt With Custom Dictionary
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'setuptools'
Is is possible to use CGI with HTTPS?
Python code - Calculating GPA
Failure to install tlbo and pip
Python Language Summit at PyCon US 2023 in Salt Lake City
Python 3.11.2, Python 3.10.10 and 3.12.0 alpha 5 are available
Syntax of global and nonlocal keywords
Allow list of integers in str.join
Proposal: overrides for installers
Why isn't slicing out of range?
New to Python (learning functions)
Make using immutable datatypes more pleasant by adding a little syntactic sugar
Short circuit all() when used with list comprehension
Requesting review on small changes to http module
Add cache_info and cache_clear to functools.WRAPPER_ASSIGNMENTS
Add hide_defaults argument to dataclass that excludes default fields from repr
Nix-like package dependencies using hirarchical venv-like environments for packages
Is it possible to step through Python code in IDLE 3.11 like you can in Visual Studio?
Doubt about recursion
SQLite 3 database functions
Tox 4.x: specify multiline lists in variables? (or expand them without the newline characters)
Update proposal to get things nice( or alternatively decorator ? )
Why does the variable in the function retain it's value?
Sum of first n rows
ObjectNotFound: (transaction_type.py:String) [], CommandNotFoundException
How do I qualify that "data_point" is not more than the lengh of "sub_list"?
Use input variable multiple times with other variables included
How to create a Python-like compiled language?
What’s the best way to check if a type is PyStructSequence
Help getting for loop to double output each time
Not understanding how we are checking to see if a key exists in an empty dictionary
Dictionary functions

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Zero6992/chatGPT-discord-bot — Integrate ChatGPT into your own discord bot
BlinkDL/ChatRWKV — ChatRWKV is like ChatGPT but powered by RWKV (100% RNN) language model, and open source.
TheAlgorithms/Python — All Algorithms implemented in Python
openai/openai-python — The OpenAI Python library provides convenient access to the OpenAI API from applications written in the Python language.
JustAnotherArchivist/snscrape — A social networking service scraper in Python
openai/gpt-2 — Code for the paper "Language Models are Unsupervised Multitask Learners"
facebookresearch/metaseq — Repo for external large-scale work
openai/gym — A toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms.
zhayujie/chatgpt-on-wechat — 使用ChatGPT搭建微信聊天机器人,基于OpenAI API和itchat实现。Wechat robot based on ChatGPT, which using OpenAI api and itchat library.
BlinkDL/RWKV-LM — RWKV is a RNN with transformer-level LLM performance. It can be directly trained like a GPT (parallelizable). So it's combining the best of RNN and transformer - great performance, fast inference, saves VRAM, fast training, "infinite" ctx_len, and free sentence embedding.
haoheliu/AudioLDM — AudioLDM: Generate speech, sound effects, music and beyond, with text.
chidiwilliams/buzz — Buzz transcribes and translates audio offline on your personal computer. Powered by OpenAI's Whisper.
innnky/so-vits-svc — 基于vits与softvc的歌声音色转换模型
google-research/bert — TensorFlow code and pre-trained models for BERT
jxxghp/nas-tools — NAS媒体库资源归集、整理自动化工具
fighting41love/funNLP — 中英文敏感词、语言检测、中外手机/电话归属地/运营商查询、名字推断性别、手机号抽取、身份证抽取、邮箱抽取、中日文人名库、中文缩写库、拆字词典、词汇情感值、停用词、反动词表、暴恐词表、繁简体转换、英文模拟中文发音、汪峰歌词生成器、职业名称词库、同义词库、反义词库、否定词库、汽车品牌词库、汽车零件词库、连续英文切割、各种中文词向量、公司名字大全、古诗词库、IT词库、财经词库、成语词库、地名词库、历史名人词库、诗词词库、医学词库、饮食词库、法律词库、汽车词库、动物词库、中文聊天语料、中文谣言数据、百度中文问答数据集、句子相似度匹配算法集合、bert资源、文本生成&摘要相关工具、cocoNLP信息抽取工具、国内电话号码正则匹配、清华大学XLORE:中英文跨语言百科知识图谱、清华大学人工智能技术…
PaddlePaddle/PaddleSpeech — Easy-to-use Speech Toolkit including Self-Supervised Learning model, SOTA/Streaming ASR with punctuation, Streaming TTS with text frontend, Speaker Verification System, End-to-End Speech Translation and Keyword Spotting. Won NAACL2022 Best Demo Award.
ultrafunkamsterdam/undetected-chromedriver — Custom Selenium Chromedriver Zero-Config Passes ALL bot mitigation systems (like Distil / Imperva/ Datadadome / CloudFlare IUAM)
OpenEthan/SMSBoom — 短信轰炸/短信测压/ 一个健壮免费的python短信轰炸程序,专门炸坏蛋蛋,百万接口,多线程全自动添加有效接口,支持异步协程百万并发,全免费的短信轰炸工具!!hongkonger开发全网首发!!
babysor/MockingBird — 🚀AI拟声: 5秒内克隆您的声音并生成任意语音内容 Clone a voice in 5 seconds to generate arbitrary speech in real-time


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