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PEP 704 - Require virtual environments by default for package installers
Should PEP 704 be a PEP?
poetry add, but for PEP 621?
Setting up some guidelines around discovering/finding/naming virtual environments
Dependencies for build backends, and debundling issues
Adding a C API for coroutines/awaitables
ImportError numpy.core
How to while-loop .readline see str in the file
Python binance trading bot
Namerror:name 'c' is not defined
Conveting timestamp into integer or float
Trouble understanding this pascals triangle generator
Is there any alternative way to install python 3.9 in Centos 7 instead of using source code (tar.gz/tgz)
Vote to promote Pradyun Gedam
C API idea: Making type slots and other function pointers read-only
Sysconfig should provide more information to help packaging
Add alias as a field() parameter for dataclasses
Faster python: _PyEval_EvalFrameDefault hard for GCC to optimise
Add converter to dataclass.field
Add pypackaging-metadata to the PyPA
Preparing metadata (setup.py) ... error Python 3.11
Can python support generating shell completion script for itself: python -<TAB>?
Basic programming help needed
Passing command line arguments to pip install after --install-options deprecation
How to learn python algorithm
Class inheritance
Round half up Error
Python deleting itself!
Let argparse reserve an attribute for completion
Subtracting from a deffined variable that has an intager value in a loop
Following python in 30 days on day4 print[my_var] is not working
Prime factorization program review
The necessary bits to build these optional modules were not found
AttributeError numpy
Adding data from PDF pages to dataframe using loop, would love to have page ID variable
Deque - is this valid python?
Why doesn't this algorithm work correctly?
Trouble understanding this second version of my previous code
Quick Question (for-loops)
(PCbuild\build.bat -c Debug ) raising errors
What is the difference between using these print statements to add a new line?
Unable to append data to Json array object with desired output
How to create https webserver using sslsocket
How to increment numbers when value changes in another column?
Assign the value of another column
Help with random and csv
Urgent help needed: API
Avoiding PyObject_AsCharBuffer from the Limited API
Pyodbc installation error - symbol not found in flat namespace '_SQLAllocHandle'
Inheriting from extension type and built-in types

Популярное на GitHub

jerryjliu/gpt_index — An index created by GPT to organize external information and answer queries!
ultralytics/ultralytics — YOLOv8 🚀 in PyTorch > ONNX > CoreML > TFLite
sczhou/CodeFormer — [NeurIPS 2022] Towards Robust Blind Face Restoration with Codebook Lookup Transformer
ehulinsky/AnalogChess — Chess but no grid
pynecone-io/pynecone — 🕸 Web apps in pure Python 🐍
paperless-ngx/paperless-ngx — A community-supported supercharged version of paperless: scan, index and archive all your physical documents
mikel-brostrom/yolov8_tracking — Real-time multi-object tracking and segmentation using YOLOv8
oppia/oppia — A free, online learning platform to make quality education accessible for all.
TomSchimansky/CustomTkinter — A modern and customizable python UI-library based on Tkinter
facebookresearch/encodec — State-of-the-art deep learning based audio codec supporting both mono 24 kHz audio and stereo 48 kHz audio.
iterative/dvc — 🦉Data Version Control Git for Data & Models ML Experiments Management
HazyResearch/flash-attention — Fast and memory-efficient exact attention
Asabeneh/30-Days-Of-Python — 30 days of Python programming challenge is a step-by-step guide to learn the Python programming language in 30 days. This challenge may take more than100 days, follow your own pace.
innnky/so-vits-svc — 基于vits与softvc的歌声音色转换模型
josephmisiti/awesome-machine-learning — A curated list of awesome Machine Learning frameworks, libraries and software.
streamlit/streamlit — Streamlit — The fastest way to build data apps in Python
open-mmlab/mmyolo — OpenMMLab YOLO series toolbox and benchmark. Implemented RTMDet, YOLOv5, YOLOv6, YOLOv7, YOLOv8,YOLOX, PPYOLOE, etc.
Farama-Foundation/Gymnasium — A standard API for reinforcement learning and a diverse set of reference environments (formerly Gym)
StevenBlack/hosts — 🔒 Consolidating and extending hosts files from several well-curated sources. Optionally pick extensions for porn, social media, and other categories.
huggingface/transformers — 🤗 Transformers: State-of-the-art Machine Learning for Pytorch, TensorFlow, and JAX.
ermaozi/get_subscribe — ✈️ 免费机场 / 免费VPN -> 自动获取免 clash/v2ray/trojan/sr/ssr 订阅链接,间隔12小时持续更新 科学上网 翻墙
thewhiteh4t/nexfil — OSINT tool for finding profiles by username


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