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Using iterative filesystem walk instead of recursive
Switching default multiprocessing context to "spawn" on POSIX as well
2023 Term Python Steering Council Election Results
Language specifications for strings
Python (or third-party) DLL file versions can interact poorly with Windows Installer's "upgrade" functionality - What to do?
Add to Class like Trait or Interface
Dependency constraints for setuptools?
Frustrating DOS Error When Trying To Run PY Visually In Most Windows Forms Programs
How to remove dublicates items from a list (its no important if the element of the list is capital or small [see it the same])
Check whether two strings will point to the same file on the local filesystem
Python is not working
November 2022 Steering Council update
Reminder to vote in the SC elections
Vote to promote Shantanu
Functools.singledispatch should support PEP 544 protocols
≈ as alias for math.isclose
Allow break and return inside except* clause
Support WASM wheels on PyPI
Syntactic sugar for creating factory classes
Another attempt at clean sum types/ADTs in Python
Please help me with these tasks as soon as possible
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Confused about calling a method on a class without instantiating the object
Beginner question: is "if x == y and z == i:" possible?
Add middle-endian format to struct module
The RESUME opcode has the same line number as the function definition and "breaks" previous behaviour
Add a new submit_f to ThreadPoolExecutor
PySimpleGUI user interface code
Looking for a tutorial about the use of import with from
Add attribute font_path to the class tkinter.font.Font
Why using readline() for default iterator when open file in binary mode?
Query package metadata from pypi.org
Compiler Creation - [Illegal Character]: 'V' is not allowed
Erno22 error when using shutil.copy
Dark-background / cleaner "official" logo variations
The copied file won't open and other problem
Opening new PyCon
Adding two columns to a dataframe
Noob needs help(how to fix it so it works)
Python Help Needed - I have an urgent need to complete this project
Exception handling syntax in comprehensions
Downloading older Python releases for Windows
Software executed using subprocess.Popen() or os.system() may encounter errors due to DLLs
Code does not work: alphabetical ordering,
Create new column based on condition
How to make a script that will hold down a key for x seconds
How to control recursion on a custom __getitem__ method in a dataclass?
Why my code isn't working
Print 5 lines before and after a keyword is found in pdf
Need a solution for below code getting an output

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Популярное на GitHub

acheong08/ChatGPT — Lightweight package for interacting with ChatGPT's API by OpenAI. Uses reverse engineered official API.
openai/openai-cookbook — Examples and guides for using the OpenAI API
hwchase17/langchain — ⚡ Building applications with LLMs through composability ⚡
rawandahmad698/PyChatGPT — ⚡️ Python client for the unofficial ChatGPT API with auto token regeneration, conversation tracking, proxy support and more.
deepmind/alphafold — Open source code for AlphaFold.
mmabrouk/chatgpt-wrapper — API for interacting with ChatGPT using Python and from Shell.
bregman-arie/devops-exercises — Linux, Jenkins, AWS, SRE, Prometheus, Docker, Python, Ansible, Git, Kubernetes, Terraform, OpenStack, SQL, NoSQL, Azure, GCP, DNS, Elastic, Network, Virtualization. DevOps Interview Questions
kingoflolz/mesh-transformer-jax — Model parallel transformers in JAX and Haiku
zas023/JdBuyer — 京东抢购自动下单助手,GUI 支持 Windows 和 macOS
TheLastBen/fast-stable-diffusion — fast-stable-diffusion, +25-50% speed increase + memory efficient + DreamBooth
mohammadpz/pytorch_forward_forward — Implementation of Hinton's forward-forward (FF) algorithm - an alternative to back-propagation
carson-katri/dream-textures — Stable Diffusion built-in to the Blender shader editor
facebookresearch/fairseq — Facebook AI Research Sequence-to-Sequence Toolkit written in Python.
Zero6992/chatGPT-discord-bot — Integrate ChatGPT into your own discord bot
VoltaML/voltaML-fast-stable-diffusion — Lightweight library to accelerate Stable-Diffusion, Dreambooth into fastest inference models with single line of code 🔥 🔥
openai/gpt-2 — Code for the paper "Language Models are Unsupervised Multitask Learners"
AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui — Stable Diffusion web UI
labteral/chatgpt-python — Unofficial Python SDK for OpenAI's ChatGPT
jonathanpaulson/AdventOfCode — My Advent of Code solutions. I also upload videos of my solves: https://www.youtube.com/<...>UCuWLIm0l4sDpEe28t41WITA
jerryjliu/gpt_index — An index created by GPT to organize external information and answer queries!
huggingface/transformers — 🤗 Transformers: State-of-the-art Machine Learning for Pytorch, TensorFlow, and JAX.


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