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Towards a pip audit subcommand for vulnerability analysis & management
How should a lockfile PEP (665 successor) look like?
Help with malicious repository
Counting occurences in a list of tuples
[SOLVED]Function output anomaly
HPy/PyPy/GraalPy/CPython/* sprint in Düsseldorf (Germany) in September (19th-23rd)
The last 3.11 beta release (3.11.0b5) is now available
Immutable types with mutable bases
PR now live for PEP 517/518/660 migration to PyPA specs page on PyPUG
Feedback on proposed workaround to GitHub feature limitations on Triager role
Better __doc__ support for slotted descriptors
Performance of functools.singledispatch
Adding PUT functionality to http.server
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User mass spamming this Discourse
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Add tagged template literals
Implement opposite of __init__?
Adding contents to top-level native namespace
Demote the existing alternatives to asyncio.TaskGroup and asyncio.timeout to the low level api docs
Inherited config dictionary in a class hierarchy
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Tk: Change Background Color Successively
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Perform asynchronous HTTP requests
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Painful details of variable scope mixed with classes
Time series and average images
How to parse a file, looking for a match to a command line argument?
Help creating a Delivery Status Notification using email library module
Python RunTime error
Monitor an application
How to read spectral data from this FITS file?
Calculate every other column
How to use C++ replace a part of pickle?
Using Timeboard to create an appendable file with 4 different shifts working a revolving 12/12 schedule
Refenecing named capture groups in re.sub deprecated?
Importing a excel table is not working properly
Create Dash tool to upload, filter and plot data
Help code to obtain the wall velocity
Data modelling in Python - what's the best way?
Problem With installing deap library
How to differentiate a matrix of functions
Adding values to Pandas plots
Plot multiIndex and multicolumn dataframe
Tkinter Combobox events: How to get item before it is selected
[Pygame] Level tiling code is not working as intended
ValueError at /mascota/crear/ The view Refugio.mascota.views.Mascota_View didn't return an HttpResponse object. It returned None instead. Request Method:GET Request URL: Django Version:4.0.6 Exception Type:

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Популярное на GitHub

facebookresearch/theseus — A library for differentiable nonlinear optimization
KurtBestor/Hitomi-Downloader — 🍰 Desktop utility to download images/videos/music/text from various websites, and more.
OpenBB-finance/OpenBBTerminal — Investment Research for Everyone, Anywhere.
isocpp/CppCoreGuidelines — The C++ Core Guidelines are a set of tried-and-true guidelines, rules, and best practices about coding in C++
wagtail/wagtail — A Django content management system focused on flexibility and user experience
Gioman101/FlipperAmiibo — Made to be used with Flipper just drag the folder into NFC
vyperlang/vyper — Pythonic Smart Contract Language for the EVM
TencentARC/GFPGAN — GFPGAN aims at developing Practical Algorithms for Real-world Face Restoration.
scikit-learn/scikit-learn — scikit-learn: machine learning in Python
Vonng/ddia — 《Designing Data-Intensive Application》DDIA中文翻译
hhyo/Archery — SQL 审核查询平台
zulip/zulip — Zulip server and web app—powerful open source team chat
iterativv/NostalgiaForInfinity — Trading strategy for the Freqtrade crypto bot
tiangolo/fastapi — FastAPI framework, high performance, easy to learn, fast to code, ready for production
heartexlabs/labelImg — 🖍️ LabelImg is a graphical image annotation tool and label object bounding boxes in images
spulec/moto — A library that allows you to easily mock out tests based on AWS infrastructure.
t3l3machus/hoaxshell — An unconventional Windows reverse shell, currently undetected by Microsoft Defender and various other AV solutions, solely based on http(s) traffic.
Anjok07/ultimatevocalremovergui — GUI for a Vocal Remover that uses Deep Neural Networks.
pypa/pip — The Python package installer
xmu-xiaoma666/External-Attention-pytorch — 🍀 Pytorch implementation of various Attention Mechanisms, MLP, Re-parameter, Convolution, which is helpful to further understand papers.⭐⭐⭐
521xueweihan/HelloGitHub — 分享 GitHub 上有趣、入门级的开源项目。Share interesting, entry-level open source projects on GitHub.


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