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Pip plans to introduce an alternative (zipapp) deployment method
Question about string sequencing and slicing
Allow the parameter name _ (underscore) multiple times in a function signature
Last newbie question
Help with replace()
Multiple element contain check for list, tuple
IndexError: list index out of range _ for loop in jsondata
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wasm32-emscripten and wasm32-wasi have been promoted to tier 3 platforms for CPython
Datamodel documentation needs a reformat
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Tuple declaration using square brackets
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Multiple related programs: one pyproject.toml, or multiple projects?
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What's up with scripts and hyphens/underscores?!?!
Catching input errors
What would be a good way to insert one to many into a relational DB using Pandas/SQLAlchemy?
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Expose PyErr_GivenExceptionMatches in inspect
Implementing in Statistics the Shapley value
Different variables equals to function...Please help me understand
Guidance on gh-91447 (findtext returns empty string on integer zero value)
Remove successive digits that are duplicate
How to split text after a series of uppercase words and create a new row in Python
Python main.py error while using Git bash
In terms of immutable classes, such as int__ new__ () does the definition of function stipulate that only 2 parameters can be accepted?
I try to load json file then filter some data, but I failed to load it even
Any idea why python is not giving any output for integers
Getting previous week low corresponding to the highest high of previous week, in pandas dataframe using 30 min data
Formatting options
Video editing with Python
Openpyxl module / excel.py
Run python script in subfolder
why am i getting ValueError: max() arg is an empty sequence
Error "ImportError: ERROR: recursion is detected during loading of "cv2" binary extensions. Check OpenCV installation." with Pyinstaller
Support for deprecating global members produced by enum.EnumMeta._convert_
Please help me to solve PyPDF2.errors.PdfReaderror: broken xref table[4208]
Exporting my python dataframe to SPSS gives me extra variables coming from too-long strings
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Installing a package via pip in code
Read xml column inside csv file with Python
How do I intertwine columns?
Type hints for methods overridden in a subclass
App not showing pyqt5
Regarding Pandas - can you take a row and turn it into a column?
Install openpyxl for python 2.7.13

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UberGuidoZ/Flipper — Playground (and dump) of stuff I make or modify for the Flipper Zero
microsoft/qlib — Qlib is an AI-oriented quantitative investment platform, which aims to realize the potential, empower the research, and create the value of AI technologies in quantitative investment. With Qlib, you can easily try your ideas to create better Quant investment strategies. An increasing number of SOTA Quant research works/papers are released in Qlib.
charlax/professional-programming — A collection of full-stack resources for programmers.
fossabot/typoraCracker — A patch and keygen tools for typora.
huggingface/diffusers — 🤗 Diffusers: State-of-the-art diffusion models for image and audio generation in PyTorch
freqtrade/freqtrade — Free, open source crypto trading bot
THUDM/CogVideo — Text-to-video generation.
d2l-ai/d2l-en — Interactive deep learning book with multi-framework code, math, and discussions. Adopted at 300 universities from 55 countries including Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge.
microsoft/DeepSpeed — DeepSpeed is a deep learning optimization library that makes distributed training and inference easy, efficient, and effective.
0xAX/linux-insides — A little bit about a linux kernel
yzhao062/pyod — A Comprehensive and Scalable Python Library for Outlier Detection (Anomaly Detection)
splunk/security_content — Splunk Security Content
python/mypy — Optional static typing for Python
Asabeneh/30-Days-Of-Python — 30 days of Python programming challenge is a step-by-step guide to learn the Python programming language in 30 days. This challenge may take more than100 days, follow your own pace.
open-mmlab/mmaction2 — OpenMMLab's Next Generation Video Understanding Toolbox and Benchmark
GoogleCloudPlatform/professional-services — Common solutions and tools developed by Google Cloud's Professional Services team
paperless-ngx/paperless-ngx — A community-supported supercharged version of paperless: scan, index and archive all your physical documents
decompiler-explorer/decompiler-explorer — Decompiler Explorer! Compare tools on the forefront of static analysis, now in your web browser!
PaddlePaddle/PaddleNLP — Easy-to-use and powerful NLP library with Awesome model zoo, supporting wide-range of NLP tasks from research to industrial applications, including Neural Search, Question Answering, Information Extraction and Sentiment Analysis end-to-end system.
adw0rd/instagrapi — 🔥 The fastest and powerful Python library for Instagram Private API 2022


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