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Core developer rules of thumb (incl. "What needs a PEP"?)
Github Issues Migration: what's up?
PEP 685: Comparison of extra names for optional distribution dependencies
Splitting out the packaging PEPs on the PEP index
Why do script entrypoints require a function be specified?
Help packaging optional application features, using extras?
Duplicated objects appended into list
Py Day is coming: a joint security release spree for Python 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, and 3.10 on March 14th
Python 3.11.0a6 is now available
Accepting PEP 682 (Format Specifier for Signed Zero)
Python Language Summit at PyCon 2022 in Salt Lake City
Removing pip's legacy resolver
Reporting a package for false information
Remove the first character from a string
RFC on PEP 681: Data Class Transforms
Why does python -mbuild still complain
Uploading to PyPi without Twine
Packaging platform-dependent binaries in wheels
Why adding int into a string?
Get changed offsets of unicode normalization?
Sort color problem
Can I tell pip install -e not to use the VCS link, just the files
Basic ATM machine (deposits/withdrawals) using OOP
How to cleanly merge main into a PR branch?
Can a fix for CVE-2022-26488 be available sooner than April 4th?
Full structural subtyping at runtime
Stored lambda for later use
What is right syntax to call lambda directly when it is defined
How does one print to the REPL from the CPython source?
Navigation bar disappears on Safari for docs.python.org
Why is the object name changed?
Timestamp conversion
Cached integers and big integers at comp time
Sort dict with key of user class
How to understand n-length groups idiom zip([iter(s)]n)
Trouble getting path of top level script file __main__.py
Ordering a Dictionary in Versions below 3.7.x
Largest number finding out of 3 numbers - if condition
Is default argument value the capture syntax in lambda
Module Namespace Cleanup
How do parameters flow between functions?
Why calling an inexistent method
Problem replacing contents of file
Basic ATM machine - calling a class within another class
Stochastic differential equation
Development - Web based engineering tool
Merge sort a linked list
Line numbers disabled
KIVY 2.1.0 Newly released
Display name of a pc connected over lan

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Популярное на GitHub

hpcaitech/ColossalAI — Colossal-AI: A Unified Deep Learning System for Large-Scale Parallel Training
FeeiCN/Security-PPT — Security-related Slide Presentation(大安全各领域各公司各会议分享的PPT)
ytdl-org/youtube-dl — Command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com and other video sites
Rapptz/discord.py — An API wrapper for Discord written in Python.
TencentARC/GFPGAN — GFPGAN aims at developing Practical Algorithms for Real-world Face Restoration.
alievk/avatarify-python — Avatars for Zoom, Skype and other video-conferencing apps.
ageitgey/face_recognition — The world's simplest facial recognition api for Python and the command line
explosion/spaCy — 💫 Industrial-strength Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python
hankcs/HanLP — 中文分词 词性标注 命名实体识别 依存句法分析 成分句法分析 语义依存分析 语义角色标注 指代消解 风格转换 语义相似度 新词发现 关键词短语提取 自动摘要 文本分类聚类 拼音简繁转换 自然语言处理
chen310/NeteaseCloudMusicTasks — 网易云音乐自动任务:刷等级、云贝、云豆等
XX-net/XX-Net — A proxy tool to bypass GFW.
fighting41love/funNLP — 中英文敏感词、语言检测、中外手机/电话归属地/运营商查询、名字推断性别、手机号抽取、身份证抽取、邮箱抽取、中日文人名库、中文缩写库、拆字词典、词汇情感值、停用词、反动词表、暴恐词表、繁简体转换、英文模拟中文发音、汪峰歌词生成器、职业名称词库、同义词库、反义词库、否定词库、汽车品牌词库、汽车零件词库、连续英文切割、各种中文词向量、公司名字大全、古诗词库、IT词库、财经词库、成语词库、地名词库、历史名人词库、诗词词库、医学词库、饮食词库、法律词库、汽车词库、动物词库、中文聊天语料、中文谣言数据、百度中文问答数据集、句子相似度匹配算法集合、bert资源、文本生成&摘要相关工具、cocoNLP信息抽取工具、国内电话号码正则匹配、清华大学XLORE:中英文跨语言百科知识图谱、清华大学人工智能技术…
microsoft/Swin-Transformer — This is an official implementation for "Swin Transformer: Hierarchical Vision Transformer using Shifted Windows".
PaddlePaddle/Paddle — PArallel Distributed Deep LEarning: Machine Learning Framework from Industrial Practice (『飞桨』核心框架,深度学习&机器学习高性能单机、分布式训练和跨平台部署)
Chia-Network/chia-blockchain — Chia blockchain python implementation (full node, farmer, harvester, timelord, and wallet)
keras-team/keras — Deep Learning for humans
sqlmapproject/sqlmap — Automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool
open-mmlab/mmediting — OpenMMLab Image and Video Editing Toolbox
huggingface/transformers — 🤗 Transformers: State-of-the-art Machine Learning for Pytorch, TensorFlow, and JAX.
PrefectHQ/prefect — The easiest way to automate your data
donnemartin/system-design-primer — Learn how to design large-scale systems. Prep for the system design interview. Includes Anki flashcards.


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