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Request for comment: Making PEP rendering self-contained
Hey guys,can you explain this to me?
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July Steering Council update
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Graphical user interface
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Hi from a Python enthusiast
I need help with this simple code
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Compile py project with ui.ui file of pyqt5

Блог PSF

StackOverflow на русском

Популярное на GitHub

willmcgugan/rich — Rich is a Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal.
public-apis/public-apis — A collective list of free APIs
python-poetry/poetry — Python dependency management and packaging made easy.
pittcsc/Summer2022-Internships — Collection of Summer 2022 tech internships!
PySimpleGUI/PySimpleGUI — Launched in 2018 Actively developed & supported. Supports tkinter, Qt, WxPython, Remi (in browser). Create custom GUI Windows simply, trivially with a full set of widgets. Multi-Window applications are also simple. Python 2.7 & 3 Support. 300+ Demo programs & Cookbook for rapid start. Extensive documentation. Examples using Machine Learning(GUI,…
PeterL1n/RobustVideoMatting — Robust Video Matting in PyTorch, TensorFlow, TensorFlow.js, ONNX, CoreML!
jorisschellekens/borb — borb is a library for reading, creating and manipulating PDF files in python.
iGhibli/iOS-DeviceSupport — This repository holds the device support files for the iOS, and I will update it regularly.
frappe/frappe — Low code web framework for real world applications, in Python and Javascript
sherlock-project/sherlock — 🔎 Hunt down social media accounts by username across social networks
samuelcolvin/pydantic — Data parsing and validation using Python type hints
muguruzawang/jd_maotai_seckill — 优化版本的京东茅台抢购神器
ultralytics/yolov5 — YOLOv5 🚀 in PyTorch > ONNX > CoreML > TFLite
horizon3ai/CVE-2021-38647 — Proof on Concept Exploit for CVE-2021-38647 (OMIGOD)
freqtrade/freqtrade — Free, open source crypto trading bot
jumpserver/jumpserver — JumpServer 是全球首款开源的堡垒机,是符合 4A 的专业运维安全审计系统。
Eloston/ungoogled-chromium — Google Chromium, sans integration with Google
dortania/OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher — Experience macOS just like before
mlflow/mlflow — Open source platform for the machine learning lifecycle
JaidedAI/EasyOCR — Ready-to-use OCR with 80+ supported languages and all popular writing scripts including Latin, Chinese, Arabic, Devanagari, Cyrillic and etc.


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