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Популярное на GitHub

TheAlgorithms/Python — All Algorithms implemented in Python
huggingface/datasets — 🤗 The largest hub of ready-to-use datasets for ML models with fast, easy-to-use and efficient data manipulation tools
TencentARC/GFPGAN — GFPGAN aims at developing Practical Algorithms for Real-world Face Restoration.
microsoft/recommenders — Best Practices on Recommendation Systems
xfangfang/Macast — Macast is a cross-platform application which using mpv as DLNA Media Renderer.
iperov/DeepFaceLive — Real-time face swap for PC streaming or video calls
PaddlePaddle/PaddleOCR — Awesome multilingual OCR toolkits based on PaddlePaddle (practical ultra lightweight OCR system, support 80+ languages recognition, provide data annotation and synthesis tools, support training and deployment among server, mobile, embedded and IoT devices)
ThoughtfulDev/EagleEye — Stalk your Friends. Find their Instagram, FB and Twitter Profiles using Image Recognition and Reverse Image Search.
donnemartin/system-design-primer — Learn how to design large-scale systems. Prep for the system design interview. Includes Anki flashcards.
jackfrued/Python-100-Days — Python - 100天从新手到大师
Pycord-Development/pycord — Pycord, a maintained fork of discord.py, is a python wrapper for the Discord API
QUANTAXIS/QUANTAXIS — QUANTAXIS 支持任务调度 分布式部署的 股票/期货/期权/港股/虚拟货币 数据/回测/模拟/交易/可视化/多账户 纯本地量化解决方案
SigmaHQ/sigma — Generic Signature Format for SIEM Systems
fighting41love/funNLP — 中英文敏感词、语言检测、中外手机/电话归属地/运营商查询、名字推断性别、手机号抽取、身份证抽取、邮箱抽取、中日文人名库、中文缩写库、拆字词典、词汇情感值、停用词、反动词表、暴恐词表、繁简体转换、英文模拟中文发音、汪峰歌词生成器、职业名称词库、同义词库、反义词库、否定词库、汽车品牌词库、汽车零件词库、连续英文切割、各种中文词向量、公司名字大全、古诗词库、IT词库、财经词库、成语词库、地名词库、历史名人词库、诗词词库、医学词库、饮食词库、法律词库、汽车词库、动物词库、中文聊天语料、中文谣言数据、百度中文问答数据集、句子相似度匹配算法集合、bert资源、文本生成&摘要相关工具、cocoNLP信息抽取工具、国内电话号码正则匹配、清华大学XLORE:中英文跨语言百科知识图谱、清华大学人工智能技术…
life4/textdistance — Compute distance between sequences. 30+ algorithms, pure python implementation, common interface, optional external libs usage.
beurtschipper/Depix — Recovers passwords from pixelized screenshots
rusty1s/pytorch_geometric — Graph Neural Network Library for PyTorch
h3v0x/CVE-2021-26084_Confluence — Confluence Server Webwork OGNL injection


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