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PEP 657 -- Include Fine Grained Error Locations in Tracebacks
PEP 658: Static Distribution Metadata in the Simple Repository API
Projects automatically deleted from Pypi
Break and continue could have arguments
Wiki.python.org is not mobile-friendly
Call for testing: installer, a low-level library for installing wheel distributions
How to create a namespace package/project on pypi?
Fast method in order to get dict value
Python Context Switching - how is it done?
Defining local variable with exec
Return statement outside function could do same as exit function
Wheel metadata to specify linked libraries
About Updating Python
Proposed unittest rewrite/overhaul
Library for sets of integer ranges
Find the monotonic interval of a function with python
Update from 3.7.0 to 3.7.10?
List is not working as expected
Provide a PEP 514-like registry for all supported platforms (Windows, macOS, POSIX variants)
Gateway with Python mailing lists
Google translator
Need help for this problem
Where to start learning coding? Am I too old?
Hi guys, can anyone help me with my code. Im trying to create an income calculator module but it just wont work
Reading or Writing to Another Program in Python
Module help for a complete newbie
Porting Py2 to Py3 and http.client.HTTPMessage
Dictionary key and values
Gameboard assignment
Symbolic algebra based deduction for the permutation and combination formulae
Just some questions about Python Imports through classes
Translator.detect not working properly
Are we hosting CPython-dev sprints on PyCon US 2021?
Compile time n run check
How to turn "var84648676877876453425345".anycoin to var84648676877876453425345.anycoin
How to cross-compile Python Modules
Account deletion/permanent deactivation?
Pymodbus, como leer bist de una palabra de memoria %MW0 plc modicom M221
Shapely intersection TopologyException
Playing a sound from background kivy service
Ssh x11 forwarding - Cannot load backend 'TkAgg' which requires the 'tk' interactive framework, as 'headless' is currently running
Is the Azure BillingMangementClient class working? (azure-mgmt-billing)
How to make GTK Save Button in Python?

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Популярное на GitHub

swar/Swar-Chia-Plot-Manager — This is a Cross-Platform Plot Manager for Chia Plotting that is simple, easy-to-use, and reliable.
pallupz/covid-vaccine-booking — This very basic script can be used to automate some steps on Co-WIN Platform.
pyston/pyston — A faster and highly-compatible implementation of the Python programming language.
Mukosame/Anime2Sketch — A sketch extractor for anime/illustration.
PaddlePaddle/PaddleDetection — Object detection and instance segmentation toolkit based on PaddlePaddle.
donnemartin/system-design-primer — Learn how to design large-scale systems. Prep for the system design interview. Includes Anki flashcards.
matplotlib/cheatsheets — Official Matplotlib cheat sheets
zulip/zulip — Zulip server and webapp - powerful open source team chat
CorentinJ/Real-Time-Voice-Cloning — Clone a voice in 5 seconds to generate arbitrary speech in real-time
CovidTrackerFr/vitemadose — Détection de créneaux de vaccination disponibles pour l'outil ViteMaDose
sherlock-project/sherlock — 🔎 Hunt down social media accounts by username across social networks
521xueweihan/HelloGitHub — 分享 GitHub 上有趣、入门级的开源项目
home-assistant/core — 🏡 Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first
HuobiRDCenter/huobi_Python — Python SDK for Huobi Spot API
pallets/flask — The Python micro framework for building web applications.
rwightman/pytorch-image-models — PyTorch image models, scripts, pretrained weights -- ResNet, ResNeXT, EfficientNet, EfficientNetV2, NFNet, Vision Transformer, MixNet, MobileNet-V3/V2, RegNet, DPN, CSPNet, and more
PaddlePaddle/Paddle — PArallel Distributed Deep LEarning: Machine Learning Framework from Industrial Practice (『飞桨』核心框架,深度学习&机器学习高性能单机、分布式训练和跨平台部署)
aliparlakci/bulk-downloader-for-reddit — Downloads and archives content from reddit
openatx/uiautomator2 — Android Uiautomator2 Python Wrapper


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