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What to do with unsafe macros
New packaging security funding & NYU
Draft Releases in PyPI
PEP 602 and maintenance releases
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Block() takes no argument
Order a list with successive permutations based on another list
Coverting a serial stream
CPython, inheritance from Python binaries to C binaries
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Except operator
Confusion with using string.find method
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Keyboard control
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Windows Apps with Python
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Gray line in spyder
Help with web scraping code
Testing using selenium and mock
How to write a condition to filter out the values in Percentiles

StackOverflow на русском

Популярное на GitHub

srcrs/UnicomTask — 联通手机营业厅自动做任务、签到、领流量、领积分等。
Chia-Network/chia-blockchain — Chia blockchain python implementation (full node, farmer, harvester, timelord, and wallet)
microsoft/Bringing-Old-Photos-Back-to-Life — Bringing Old Photo Back to Life (CVPR 2020 oral)
allenai/allennlp — An open-source NLP research library, built on PyTorch.
beurtschipper/Depix — Recovers passwords from pixelized screenshots
RameenAbdal/StyleFlow — StyleFlow: Attribute-conditioned Exploration of StyleGAN-generated Images using Conditional Continuous Normalizing Flows (ACM TOG 2021)
Eloston/ungoogled-chromium — Google Chromium, sans integration with Google
bregman-arie/devops-exercises — Linux, Jenkins, AWS, SRE, Prometheus, Docker, Python, Ansible, Git, Kubernetes, Terraform, OpenStack, SQL, NoSQL, Azure, GCP, DNS, Elastic, Network, Virtualization. DevOps Interview Questions
NVlabs/stylegan2 — StyleGAN2 - Official TensorFlow Implementation
heartexlabs/label-studio — Label Studio is a multi-type data labeling and annotation tool with standardized output format
open-mmlab/mmdetection — OpenMMLab Detection Toolbox and Benchmark
DLR-RM/stable-baselines3 — PyTorch version of Stable Baselines, reliable implementations of reinforcement learning algorithms.
Upsetin/ChinaUniOnline — 中国大学生在线 四史自动答题刷分(现仅支持英雄篇)
JosephKJ/OWOD — (CVPR 2021 Oral) Open World Object Detection
public-apis/public-apis — A collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development.
NVIDIA/apex — A PyTorch Extension: Tools for easy mixed precision and distributed training in Pytorch
pytorch/examples — A set of examples around pytorch in Vision, Text, Reinforcement Learning, etc.


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