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CorentinJ/Real-Time-Voice-Cloning — Clone a voice in 5 seconds to generate arbitrary speech in real-time
cchen156/Learning-to-See-in-the-Dark — Learning to See in the Dark. CVPR 2018
natewong1313/bird-bot — A Nintendo Switch checkout bot. Currently supports Walmart and Best buy
zhanghang1989/ResNeSt — ResNeSt: Split-Attention Network
benedekrozemberczki/awesome-graph-classification — A collection of important graph embedding, classification and representation learning papers with implementations.
microsoft/c9-python-getting-started — Sample code for Channel 9 Python for Beginners course
ytdl-org/youtube-dl — Command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com and other video sites
sherlock-project/sherlock — 🔎 Hunt down social media accounts by username across social networks
TheKingOfDuck/fuzzDicts — Web Pentesting Fuzz 字典,一个就够了。
XX-net/XX-Net — a web proxy tool
vinta/awesome-python — A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources
Azure/azure-sdk-for-python — This repository is for active development of the Azure SDK for Python. For consumers of the SDK we recommend visiting our public developer docs at https://docs.microsoft.com/<...> or our versioned developer docs at https://azure.github.io/azure-sdk-for-python.
lazyprogrammer/machine_learning_examples — A collection of machine learning examples and tutorials.
ansible/ansible — Ansible is a radically simple IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy. Avoid writing scripts or custom code to deploy and update your applications — automate in a language that approaches plain English, using SSH, with no agents to install on remote systems. https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/
mirumee/saleor — A modular, high performance, headless e-commerce storefront built with Python, GraphQL, Django, and ReactJS.
PyTorchLightning/pytorch-lightning — The lightweight PyTorch wrapper for ML researchers. Scale your models. Write less boilerplate
google-research/bert — TensorFlow code and pre-trained models for BERT
mnielsen/neural-networks-and-deep-learning — Code samples for my book "Neural Networks and Deep Learning"
senguptaumd/Background-Matting — Background Matting: The World is Your Green Screen
espnet/espnet — End-to-End Speech Processing Toolkit


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