А теперь о том, что происходило в последнее время на других ресурсах.


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apachecn / AiLearning — AiLearning: 机器学习 - MachineLearning - ML、深度学习 - DeepLearning - DL、自然语言处理 NLP
ines / spacy-course — 👩‍🏫 Advanced NLP with spaCy: A free online course
iodide-project / pyodide — The Python scientific stack, compiled to WebAssembly
NVlabs / SPADE — Semantic Image Synthesis with SPADE
xingyizhou / CenterNet — Object detection, 3D detection, and pose estimation using center point detection:
donnemartin / system-design-primer — Learn how to design large-scale systems. Prep for the system design interview. Includes Anki flashcards.
wasmerio / python-ext-wasm — 🐍🕸 Python library to run WebAssembly binaries.
Duankaiwen / CenterNet — Codes for our paper "CenterNet: Keypoint Triplets for Object Detection" .
TheAlgorithms / Python — All Algorithms implemented in Python
terrychenism / OctaveConv — A MXNet Implementation for Drop an Octave
google-research / morph-net — Fast & Simple Resource-Constrained Learning of Deep Network Structure
keras-team / keras — Deep Learning for humans
alicevision / meshroom — 3D Reconstruction Software
OWASP / CheatSheetSeries — The OWASP Cheat Sheet Series was created to provide a concise collection of high value information on specific application security topics.
toddmotto / public-apis — A collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development.
princeton-vl / CornerNet-Lite
kennethreitz / requests3 — Requests 3.0, for Humans and Machines, alike. 🤖
zzh8829 / yolov3-tf2 — YoloV3 Implemented in Tensorflow 2.0


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