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donnemartin / system-design-primer — Learn how to design large-scale systems. Prep for the system design interview. Includes Anki flashcards.
haskellcamargo / sclack — The best CLI client for Slack, because everything is terrible!
SpiderLabs / social_mapper — A Social Media Enumeration & Correlation Tool by Jacob Wilkin(Greenwolf)
chubin / cheat.sh — the only cheat sheet you need
zotroneneis / harry_potter_universe — Awesome Python features explained using the world of Harry Potter
vinta / awesome-python — A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources
keras-team / keras — Deep Learning for humans
toddmotto / public-apis — A collective list of public JSON APIs for use in web development.
Picovoice / stt-benchmark — speech to text benchmark framework
hardikvasa / google-images-download — Python Script to download hundreds of images from 'Google Images'. It is a ready-to-run code!
amitt001 / pygmy — Open-source, feature rich & extensible url shortener + Analytics 🍪
ageitgey / face_recognition — The world's simplest facial recognition api for Python and the command line
rg3 / youtube-dl — Command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com and other video sites
chinese-poetry / chinese-poetry — 最全中华古诗词数据库, 唐宋两朝近一万四千古诗人, 接近5.5万首唐诗加26万宋诗. 两宋时期1564位词人,21050首词。
lyft / xiblint — A tool for linting storyboard and xib files
umich-vl / CornerNet
romanzaikin / BurpExtension-WhatsApp-Decryption-CheckPoint
ansible / ansible — Ansible is a radically simple IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy. Avoid writing scripts or custom code to deploy and update your applications — automate in a language that approaches plain English, using SSH, with no agents to install on remote systems. https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/
notifiers / notifiers — The easy way to send notifications


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