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https://bugs.python.org/issue33127 breaks pip / easy_install / pipenv etc in corporate networks on MS Windows using self-signed certificates
PEP 572: Assignment Expressions
PEP 561 implemented and minor clarification
Introducing python.zulipchat.com
PEP 573 -- Module State Access from C Extension Methods
PEP 572: Write vs Read, Understand and Control Flow
assignment expressions: an alternative proposal
The new and improved PEP 572, same great taste with 75% less complexity!
PEP 575: Unifying function/method classes
assignment expressions: an alternative alternative proposal
Meta-question about this mailing list
PEP 394 update proposal: Allow changing the `python` command in some cases
(name := expression) doesn't fit the narrative of PEP 20
Visual similarity of "=" and "==" (in context of PEP 572)
Is PEP 572 really the most effective way to solve the problems it's targeting?
PEP 572: Why not := as standard assignment operator?
(Looking for) A Retrospective on the Move to Python 3
Every Release Can Be a Mini "Python 4000", Within Reason (was (name := expression) doesn't fit the narrative of PEP 20)
Reserve ':=' for type-inferred variable initialization (was PEP 572)
Boundaries between numbers and identifiers
Order of positional and keyword arguments
Nickname Binding (PEP 572)
PEP 575 (Unifying function/method classes) update
PEP 394: Allow the `python` command to not be installed (and other minor edits)
quoted text not being marking correctly
Summary of Python tracker Issues
PEP 572 contradicts PEP 3099
PEP 572: Usage of assignment expressions in C



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