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ecthros / uncaptcha — Defeating Google's audio reCaptcha with 85% accuracy.
TuSimple / mx-maskrcnn — A MXNet implementation of Mask R-CNN
tkarras / progressive_growing_of_gans — Progressive Growing of GANs for Improved Quality, Stability, and Variation
XX-net / XX-Net — a web proxy tool
cdubz / babybuddy — A buddy for 👶 Helps caregivers track sleep, feedings, diaper changes, and tummy time to learn about and predict baby's needs without (as much) guess work.
tensorflow / models — Models and examples built with TensorFlow
vinta / awesome-python — A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources
josephmisiti / awesome-machine-learning — A curated list of awesome Machine Learning frameworks, libraries and software.
scikit-learn / scikit-learn — scikit-learn: machine learning in Python
fchollet / keras — Deep Learning library for Python. Runs on TensorFlow, Theano, or CNTK.
NervanaSystems / coach — Reinforcement Learning Coach by Intel® Nervana™ enables easy experimentation with state of the art Reinforcement Learning algorithms
arxiv-vanity / arxiv-vanity — Renders papers from Arxiv as responsive web pages so you don't have to squint at a PDF.
MechanicalSoup / MechanicalSoup — A Python library for automating interaction with websites.
rg3 / youtube-dl — Command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com and other video sites
kennethreitz / pipenv — Python Development Workflow for Humans.
quantumlib / OpenFermion — OpenFermion: The Electronic Structure Package For Quantum Computers.
pallets / flask — A microframework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good intentions
django / django — The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.
python / cpython — The Python programming language
ansible / ansible — Ansible is a radically simple IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy. Avoid writing scripts or custom code to deploy and update your applications— automate in a language that approaches plain English, using SSH, with no agents to install on remote systems.
donnemartin / system-design-primer — Learn how to design large-scale systems. Prep for the system design interview. Includes Anki flashcards.


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